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Monday, October 15

15.Oct.2012 - FREE BOOK! Israel Threatens Force, U.S. Bombing of Iraq, GOP p.o.v. is Irrelevant, How to Save the Middle Class, Why Sin is a False Concept, the Moderate Mitt Myth, Obama's War Record, Wal-Mart vs. the Staff of Life, How the Media Put Us At Risk, Bill Maher to Right-Wing Christians, Creating a Nation of Narcissists, Low Wages and High Unemployment

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Going Bankrupt on Planet Earth: The Debate Subject for the Ages

As expected, the deficit and debt were both discussed in the first presidential debate on domestic policy. However, despite this year’s endless American summer and adevastating drought that won’t leave town, climate change wasn’t. What would you bet that it won’t be a significant topic in the final debate on foreign policy either? Only one conclusion seems reasonable: climate change has no place on this American planet.

Israel Threatens Force Against Aid Boat to Gaza

Finland said Saturday that Israel had warned it would "take action" and "use force" against an aid boat headed for Gaza.

US Bombing of Iraq: The Toxic Legacy Continues

A new study links the U.S. bombardment of Iraq to a toxic legacy of birth defects in two of the country's heavily hit cities.

Koch Brother Facing Federal Lawsuit For Allegedly Imprisoning Employee

William Koch is facing a federal lawsuit for allegedly and illegally imprisoning and interrogating an employee. Kirby Martenson, a former executive for a number of Koch subsidiary companies, claims that he was fired, imprisoned, and interrogated for an excessive amount of time at the Old West ghost town replica that Koch built recently.

Clinging To Nonsense: The GOP POV Is Usually Wrong And Thus Irrelevant

After Biden kicked ass in the Veep Debate, some conservatives were posting stuff like, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but Republicans see it differently.” Well, the GOP see a lot of things differently, and it doesn’t make them right.

The Root Of All Delusion – Libertarian ‘Oracle’ Just A Bunch Of Hot Air

It happens every year: noted Libertarian soothsayer Wayne Allyn Root makes his annual predictions, which he then clings to for the rest of the year, updating them if his earlier predictions fall to pieces. This year, as they have done before, Fox News is trotting him out to rally up the base, claiming his predictions in years past as evidence that, in this case, it will be a blowout year for Mitt Romney.

How to Save the Middle Class

Many Americans don’t know where the Great Middle Class came from. They see it as a natural outgrowth of “free-market capitalism” when it was really the product of conscious government policies, starting with the New Deal. That confusion must be addressed in this political season, says Beverly Bandler.

Why Sin is a False and Morally and Biologically Backward Concept

Marc at Bad Catholic got the impression that atheists think being a Christian is only about hating gay people and being irrational and so set out to explain why he is a Christian. His post started out with a discussion of suffering as useless pain that supposedly can have no worthwhile secular answers. I challenged his views of suffering and the potential for atheist responses to it on Wednesday.

The 'Moderate Mitt' Myth

Mitt Romney speaks during a rally in Tempe, Arizona, 04/20/12. (photo: Reuters)he way a presidential candidate campaigns for office matters to the country. A campaign should demonstrate seriousness of purpose and a set of core beliefs, and it should signal to voters whether a candidate shows trustworthiness and judgment. Those things don't seem to matter to Mitt Romney.

Global Food Supply System Could Collapse, 2013 Could Experience A Major Hunger Crisis
World grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the US or other food-exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year, said a report by John Vidal in The Observer [1] on October 13, 2012. John cited a UN warning. The food crisis is growing in the Middle East and Africa.

Obama's War Record
When Sen. Barack Obama ran for the presidency in 2008 many wishful-thinking Democratic voters viewed him as a peace candidate because he opposed the Iraq war (but voted yes on the war budgets while in the Senate). Some others assumed his foreign/military policy would be along the lines of Presidents George H. W. Bush (whom Obama admires) or Bill Clinton. Some who identified as progressives actually thought his foreign/military policy might tilt to the left.

A Vulture Capitalist for a Vulture Culture

Delusional Romney belief systems -- whether more trickle-down folly, indefensible tax cuts, or "God's on our side" exceptionalism -- serve as cover for an ever nastier, reactionary vulture culture. Under-regulated vulture capitalism preys on government regulation and legislation, environmental wellbeing (decimating forests, ocean life, coastal waters, and strip mining sites), low-wage workers here or overseas -- plus badgering phantom "socialists" who challenge spoiled-brat banksters, Koch Bros., or the Rove brigade. That overfed horde sustains the extremist GOP vulture culture, at war with women, fair taxation, democratic elections that count minorities, gay rights, basic science, and healthy food -- in a word, rationality.

The Israel Lobby and the Road to War

Israel is like a spoiled child who has grown stronger, more willful, and outright dangerous under the nurturing care of its US parent -- a parent who has lost all authority and can no longer restrain its juvenile delinquent progeny. The US-Israeli "special relationship" has destabilized the Middle East and made war much more likely than it would be otherwise. Israel can act in the knowledge that there will be no consequences for its actions, that it will not be held accountable or blamed -- in public -- in any way for what follows.

Walmart versus The Staff of Life

The Bible terms bread "the staff of life" -- but Walmart finds it one more opportunity for exploitation of its "shoppers."  In our small town, there are few food stores and no bakeries, so we are forced to buy our own Daily Bread at the Big W.  It was not so long ago that Walmart had a section with overproduced bread and other bakery items at a forty percent discount, which was helpful to us retirees.  Then, earlier this year, with of course no publicity, they cut that discount to thirty-five percent.  Now, lo and behold, we have found a further cut, to a discount of only thirty percent on this bread!

How The Media Put Us At Risk With The Way They Report About Risk

A new study regarding a high-profile risk…mercury…has two important findings; there may be an association between in-utero mercury exposure and ADHD as kids grow up, but the children of pregnant mothers who ate more fish generally had better overall cognitive health. Beyond those findings, though, the study also teaches an important lesson about another risk, a risk that is far greater than the risk of mercury; the risk of how the news media cover risk in the first place.

Bill Maher to Right-Wing Christians: If You Do God's Work, Why Are You Always Wrong?

"Is the problem that you can't follow instructions, or is Jesus just dicking you around?" Maher asks.

Creating a nation of narcissists

Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Girl Protesting Mom’s Lay-Off From Bain-Owned Company

Watch 2 Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State

Danny DeVito & Bill Maher on GMO Labeling

Student Debt Waltz cantastoria - People's Puppets of OWS

US and Israel Recognize Iran Not Near a Bomb

Low wages and high unemployment are paralyzing the global economy

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