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Thursday, September 20

20.Sept.2012: The Occupy Candidate Jill Stein, Extreme Weather, Religious Freedom and Free Speech, Indefinite Detention, Innocence of Muslims Script, Drug Giants Fined, Chick-Fil-A Backs Down, ACLU Takes CIA to Court, Robin Hood Tax, Disgraceful Minimum Wage, DHS Purchases More Ammunition, Black Bloc Tactics, WPEA Petition, Homeowner Foreclosure Victory,

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On a brisk Monday morning, Jill Stein, the Presidential candidate for the Green Party, was in New York City to give a speech. She was ready to go: her gray hair was neatly combed; a bright scarf was draped over her slim shoulders.

ACLU Pushes For Answers On Drone Strikes

Drone strikes ordered by the Obama administration have killed more than a dozen al-Qaida leaders around the world, in places ranging from Afghanistan to Somalia. In speeches and public appearances, U.S. officials say those attacks are legal and essential to protect the nation's security.

What To Expect, When You're Expecting War
It looks like war is is coming upon us once again. Aside from the recent eruptions in the Far East and Middle East, I say this because of three basic observations

The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video
As violent protests spread, the consequences continue to roll in: the suspension of joint US-Afghan military operations, thesuspension of US aid talks with Egypt, the rapid decline of US prestige in the region, and the growing influence of the radical Islamist movement US support for the “Arab Spring” was designed to counter.

Get Used To 'Extreme' Weather, It's The New Normal
Scientists have been warning us for years that a warmer planet would lead to more extreme weather, and now it's arrived

The First Year Anniversary of Occupy-- and the beginning of the Toppling of Top-Down Power

It's interesting. I've written a few pretty hard hitting articles the past few days, advocating for tough actions to fix America and to punish the criminals, sociopaths and thieves who have ripped off the middle class and the future of America. And some respond in a way that makes me think they're victims of top-down mind syndrome. They're afraid to trust bottom up approaches, meaning solutions that trust people, that take power away from centralized, hierarchical powers. They attack these ideas as dangerous. That's true. The ideas are dangerous to the existing hierarchy, the current holders of top-down power. 

On Occupy, Anarchism, & Corporatism: A Response to Don Smith

Democratic activist Don Smith recently published a column in Op-Ed News entitled, "Why are so many Occupiers attracted to anarchism?" Don't they appreciate the wonders government has wrought, such as the internet, Social Security, and seatbelts in cars? he asked.  Don't they value the role of government in checking the power of corporations through regulation?  "We need hierarchy," he concludes, "and we need Big Government that serves the People."

The Innocence of Muslims: Sam "The Imbecile" Bacile, Religious Freedom and Free Speech

Let's begin by making it clear that Sam Bacile's "film," The Innocence of Muslims , is a piece of crap. The film is embarrassingly terrible. Imagine the worst Saturday Night Live sketch that you have ever seen and then multiply it by 100. Everything about the film is distressingly awful: the script, the make-up, costumes, editing, etc., etc. Sam Bacile makes Ed Wood look like a celluloid genius by comparison. 

Can We Tear Down Christian Beliefs A Little More?

Just when you think we can't further dispell the facts in the Bible, or the teachings on the life & death of Jesus, in walks a Harverd Divinity Historian claiming she acquired a piece of what looks like burlap or papyus, that reportedly shows that Jesus might have been married. Or at the least, what his perosnal opinions were on the subject thereof.

U.S. official says cyberattacks can trigger self-defense rule

Cyberattacks can amount to armed attacks triggering the right of self-defense and are subject to international laws of war, the State Department’s top lawyer said Tuesday.

The Face of Indefinite Detention

BEFORE he died on Sept. 8, Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif had spent close to 4,000 days and nights in the American prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. He was found unconscious, alone in his cell, thousands of miles from home and family in Yemen.

Italy high court upholds sentences of 23 former CIA agents in rendition case
Photo source or descriptionThe Italian Court of Cassation [official website, in Italian] on Wednesday upheld the convictions of 23 former CIA officers for the 2003 kidnapping and rendition [JURIST news archive] of Egyptian terror suspect Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr.

Romney’s Latest Boner: The Emperor Has No Clothes, No Plans and No Excuses

There's an old political line about how a gaffe is merely a case of a politician inadvertently revealing an obvious truth. In that sense, Mitt Romney has been on an honesty rampage for six years. He is the Mr. Bean-like embodiment of every impulse to accidentally thoroughly disrobe before an unwilling nation.

Here Is the Original Script for Innocence of Muslims

Innocence of Muslims is shaping up to be the most influential movie of the year in a twisted way. A ridiculous 14-minuteYouTube trailer for the anti-Islam film sparked violent protests throughout the Muslim world. But just a handful of people have seen the full film. We've obtained the original script for the feature-length Innocence of Muslims. Here is the seed from which so much chaos has sprung.

Mitt Romney is facing huge backlash from the leaked video that captured him saying 47 percent of people in the United States believe they are “victims” and that they will never vote for him. Republicans, particularly those in tight elections this year, and conservative pundits are criticizing Romney for the comments, disassociating themselves from his message. Here are 10 Republicans who have disavowed Romney in the last few days

Drug giants fined $11bn for criminal wrongdoing

Fines are not enough to reform drug industry, warn lawyers

Judge in Disorderly Conduct Trial of Malcolm Harris of Occupy Wall Street Orders Twitter to Turn Over Deleted Tweets   

Twitter has been ordered to turn over the deleted tweets of Occupy Wall Street protestor, Malcolm Harris, after he was charged with disorderly conduct during an Occupy protest. In a controversial move, presiding Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. demanded that Twitter turn over Harris' records for the period of time during the incident because, Sciarrino believes, there are tweets that could be relevant to the case.

Chick-fil-A Backs Down, Will Stop Funding Anti-Gay Groups

The boycotts and vociferous protests of Chick-fil-A's anti-gay stance appears to have worked. An Illinois-based gay rights organization has announced that the company will no longer fund anti-gay organizations, according to Boston Spirit magazine.

10 Huge Problems Being Totally Ignored in the Presidential Campaign

Some of the worst problems (in terms of the harm they cause to people’s lives) in the United States and the world are not being addressed.

ACLU Takes CIA to Court Over Drones

he American Civil Liberties Union will go to court on Thursday in an attempt to get the CIA to hand over documents related to President Barack Obama's controversial "targeted killing" programme that uses unmanned drones to strike suspected Islamic militants.

'Born on Third Base': How the Wealthy Inherit the Earth

The real story told by the Forbes 400 is about privilege and the growing inequality in both wealth and opportunity

Study Finds Tumors in Rats Fed Monsanto GM Corn

Controversial data prompt's EU agricultural vice-chairman Bove to call for Euro wide suspension of GMOs

The Robin Hood Campaign – A Movement, and Now Legislation Too

For many months, nurses, healthcare, environmental, labor, consumer, faith-based and other community activists have rallied on Wall Street, at banks and legislative offices, and outside the White House and Treasury Department, saying it is time to tax Wall Street to help revive our economy and nation.

Our Disgraceful Minimum Wage

In natural terms, our economy is a giant sequoia. Unfortunately, our present corporate and governmental leadership can't seem to grasp one of the basic laws of nature: You can't keep a mighty tree alive (much less have it thrive) by only spritzing the fine leaves at the tippy-top. The fate of the whole tree depends on nurturing the roots.

Debt Ceiling Fight Club

Bring on the next round of ugly budget battles.

Sex, Lies, and Bloodlust: What the Values Voter Summit Tells us About the Religious Right and the Republican Party

During this past weekend’s Values Voter Summit, the annual family reunion of the far right, RWW posted many memorable video highlights. What does it all tell us about the Religious Right and today’s Republican Party?

On the Freedom to Offend an Imaginary God

The latest wave of Muslim hysteria and violence has now spread to over twenty countries. The walls of our embassies and consulates have been breached, their precincts abandoned to triumphant mobs, and many people have been murdered—all in response to an unwatchable Internet video titled “Innocence of Muslims.” Whether over a film, a cartoon, a novel, a beauty pageant, or an inauspiciously named teddy bear, the coming eruption of pious rage is now as predictable as the dawn. This is already an old and boring story about old, boring, and deadly ideas. And I fear it will be with us for the rest of our lives.

DHS Purchases 200 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

Following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers.

Why the Government Won't Fight Wall Street

the great mystery story in American politics these days is why, over the course of two presidential administrations (one from each party), there’s been no serious federal criminal investigation of Wall Street during a period of what appears to be epic corruption. People on the outside have speculated and come up with dozens of possible reasons, some plausible, some tending toward the conspiratorial – but there have been very few who've come at the issue from the inside.

Occupy and Black Bloc Tactics Debated

n the immediacy of mass protest and non-violent civil disobedience, how can one differentiate between the disruptive violence of Black Bloc anarchists and the disruptive violence of undercover police agent provocateurs?

11 more American billionaires join Gates, Buffett charity pledge

Eleven billionaires added their names Tuesday to the effort by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to donate half their fortunes to charity, bringing the total to 92.

According to the California Right to Know campaign, Monsanto added another $2.89 million last Friday to defeat Proposition 37, making the GE crop producer's contributions against the labeling measure total $7.1 million.

We must keep this momentum going. If you have already signed our petition, thank you for acting to support whistleblowers. If you have not – please, please sign the petition today! This is crunch time, and voicing your support takes less than a minute!

Can capitalism be made good?

The ethics of capitalism is this year’s topic for the annual Bishop of Salisbury’s Debate, which will take place this evening (Wednesday 19 September) in Marlborough. I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers.
The title is “Can capitalism be made good?”. My answer will be “no”.

The Obscene Villains of Democracy, Koch Brothers Are Openly Funding an Astroturf Protest Against Occupy Wall St.

Part of a multi-million dollar ad campaign the billionaire brothers have launched to attack Obama.

The 7 Worst Atrocities Mitt Romney Has Unleashed On The LGBT Community

We all know that Mitt Romney opposes gay marriage, as required by the Republican Party. But don’t think for a second that Romney might soften his social conservative side if elected. After his failed 1994 senate bid, Romney switched from being pro-gay rights to ruthlessly targeting and undermining the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Democracy and the Pathology of Wealth

Occupy’s Impact: Homeowner Victory Plants Seed for Others Facing Foreclosure

Romney’s Dismissal of "Dependent" 47% in Line with Tax Policies Favoring the "Country Club" 1%

Egypt charges Coptic Christians linked to infamous video

Occupy Wall Street marks one-year anniversary filled with protests and arrests 

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