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Sunday, February 5

Video Collection of Crazy Christians

On a whim, I searched on YouTube "Crazy Christian," and below are a few of the results. Of course, you can find many, many more. The suggested videos, and alternate search options, can bring forth many of funny videos.

Be entertained, be mortified.

Crazy Christian Nonsense

Crazy Christian, Marguerite Perrin, on Trading Spouses

Crazy Screaming Christian at some Jesus camp

Crazy Christian Mom Steals Christmas From Son

Harry Potter is of the Devil

Upset Harold Camping Apologizes

Crazy Religious Lady On Fox News

Crazy christian lady at a coffee shop

Crazy Jamaican Lady Fighting The Devil in CVS

Crazy Christians rant about Pokemon, Minecraft & Magiquest

Crazy Christian dudes at University of Oregon

Crazy "Christian" Lady in iPad 2 Line

White American, Crazy Christian "Obey the Powers that Be"

Crazy Christian At Northern Michigan,br>

Crazy Christian on Sunset

Christian Preacher Pisses off UCI Student

And in the news...

Christian Pulls Gay From Wheelchair

Pastor Beats Up Own Gay Son in Church

Christians Have the Right to Bully Gay Kids

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