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Friday, May 20

May 21st - Judgment Day?

There is much talk about the End of the World being on May 21st, 2011. Harold Camping, of Family Radio, is an absolute nut. Even mainstream Christians say that the hour of Jesus' return isn't known, but only to God the Father. However, this alone is crazy, because if the Father and Jesus are one, then Jesus should know also, but this is side-tracking.

Camping's ramblings are not new. The Seventh Day Adventists predicted the end of the world a few times, most famously once in the book, Evidences from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ about the Year 1843. This date came and went. And there has been other predictions and speculations that are humorously in error. It'd be more funny, if it weren't for the gullible and vulnerable giving their life savings away to fund the knowledge of impending doom. There will be many suicides on the 22nd, thanks to Mr. Camping's ridiculous (and mathematically flawed!) claims. May he be charged with Aggravated Manslaughter when this happens. I am not a Christian, but heed my prophecy!

This is not the first time Camping had predicted the end of the world either. He's even makes a claim to know the year the earth was 'created,' and when the global flood occurred. Now, this weird nutcase predicts the return of the Son of God, the being that has no plausible existence outside of the Bible, if Jesus even existed at all.

I cannot wait until this man's claims are behind us, and the man is dead (he's in his late 80's). However, it's unfortunate that as time continues and people keep believing in myths, legends, fabrications and superstition, there will always be predictions of the End Times. And there will always be weirdos that buy into it, give away all they have (not to the poor, but to the Church), and die confused and embarrassed.

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