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Saturday, July 6

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: War on Whistleblowers, Why Have Student Loans? Bring Organized Resistance, Snowden's Constitution, 5 Farm Bill Groups, 12 Real Patriots, Pro-Apartheid Israel Hypocrisy, Rethinking Surveillance, Wartime U.S. Travelogue, Corporations' Loopholes, more.

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The Wider War on Whistleblowers

Why Have Student Loans At All? Let's Get the Burdens of Debt off College Students' Backs -- And Make Wall St. Pick Up the Tab

Why It Takes Organized Resistance To Bring in the Sweeping Change That the Public Wants

How We Can Wrench Independence from the Corporate State

Snowden's Constitution vs Obama's Constitution

Edward Snowden: A Whistleblower, Not a Spy

5 Farm Bill Groups You Didn’t Know Existed

12 Real Patriots Brave Enough to Fight for Truth and Justice

Hypocrisy Of Pro-Apartheid Israel Obama Visiting Post-Apartheid South Africa

To Big U.S. Corporations: What About Some Patriotism for America?

Rethinking Surveillance [Book Review]

Federal Student Loan Rates Double Due To Lack Of Urgency In Congress

5 Sneaky Ways Fundamentalists Are Trying To Slip Christian Creationism Into America’s Public Schools

Wartime U.S. Travelogue

Thanks To ‘Loopholes’ U.S. Corporations Pay A Lower Tax Rate Than Middle Class Families

Guantanamo inmate accuses US military of sexual assault against detainees

US government scanning, storing billions of pieces of mail per year

The revolution will not be standardized

Why Edward Snowden's Leaks Have Empowered All of Us

Scientific evidence: what is it and how can we trust it?

American Intellectuals' Widespread Failure to Stand Up to Billionaires and Authoritarian Power

Why do charities want to "normalize" Israeli apartheid?

Over Half of Republicans Want Christianity as the Official Religion in States

People Get Ready: 'Unprecedented' Weather Glimpses Century Ahead
Latest report from WMO says first decade of century was hottest, wettest on record with more to come
It was a decade of 'unprecedented' extreme weather, caused by warmer oceans, hotter temperatures, and an atmosphere saturated with moisture. And there's more where that came from.

Failure to Stop Doubling of Student Loan Rates Sparks Call to Tackle "Systemic" Debt Crisis

# 1 Target of Wiretap Surveillance?

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