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Monday, July 29

@dustcirclenews - Free Documentaries: The Psychology of Control, To the Last Drop, Invisible Threat, Sex for Sale, King Corn, Who Gets the Best Jobs?

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State of Mind: The Psychology of Control
If you don’t submit to control, if you’re a radical, you’re less likely to be loved. You’re not fitting in with society; you’re viewed as an outsider. There are a lot of social prohibitions about the outsider and the person who’s going to upset things. From the time we’re very young, we’re taught to worship authority, basically, because that’s our key to survival as young children. But as adults, we never go through the rights of passage that tell us how to methodically think for ourselves, and thus we’re always in a state of extended adolescence.

To the Last Drop
Canadian wilderness sits atop what many think is the biggest deposit of oil on the planet. A sea of sand soaked with bitumen – the Tar Sands. The Tar Sands now supply more oil to the United States than any other foreign source. A century of secure energy. Since 9/11, Canada has become the most important supplier of foreign oil to America. It’s a market Canada can’t afford to lose. Even in the heart of the recession, the oil sands were sending in the order of $20 billion a year into the Canadian economy.

Invisible Threat
It’s bad enough to catch a disease naturally but to take a disease and turn it into a weapon, to enhance the disease, to make it more virulent or more contiguous or more resistant to known vaccines it just kind of goes off the charts there. It’s turning Mother Nature against us. Weapons that destroy by spreading deadly diseases have a long and unhappy history. Billions of dollars have been spent by governments to create pathogens that can cause fatal illnesses. Even today some countries are stockpiling just such a deadly arsenal.

Sex for Sale: Prostitution
It’s been called world’s oldest profession yet it’s always been taboo – prostitution. Around the world the sex industry presents many faces. From the violent sex slums of Bangladesh, to the deadly sidewalks of the United States. From the stylish bordellos of Australia, to Europe where the disabled pay for sex, and where man are videotaped in futuristic cyber-brothels. Step into the forbidden world of sex for sale. Those who sell sex, whether male or female, are shunned and labeled as whores or hookers.

King Corn: You Are What You Eat
When Ian Cheney and his best friend Curt Ellis graduated from college they thought they were done with professors and they supposed to feel like they had their whole lives ahead of them, but they just heard some rather disconcerting news. Some day they were going to die, and maybe sooner than they thought. For the first time in American history their generation was at risk of having a shorter lifespan than their parents. And it was because of what they ate.

Who Gets the Best Jobs: Is it all about contacts and money?
Nowadays society in Britain is socially unequal. The gap between the rich and the rest has widened and it will continue to grow bigger. Opportunities for children are limited if you come from a working class family and don´t have “good” contacts. This documentary tries to reveal the barriers which stop people from rising up to the economic ladder.

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