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Wednesday, June 19

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: 8 Activist Skills, Whistleblowers Are New Patriots, NSA Surveillance Story, Obama Defends Spying, ACLU Files Lawsuit, Reclaiming Independence, Globalization of Whistleblowing, Unraveling of Africa, World War About to Break Out, Abolish the Department of Homeland Security, Private Prison System Disgrace, Pursuing Truth About Israel/Palestine, America's Nukes, Spiritual People More Likely to Be Criminals, more.

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8 skills of a well-trained activist

Erosion Of Our Civil Liberties Highlights Those Who Will Resist When Society Breaks Down

Revealed: The 48 People Stuck in Guantanamo Forever

The Whistleblowers Are The New Generation of American Patriots

The NSA Surveillance Story Shows Why Wikileaks And Similar Sites Are Necessary

Obama defends massive spying on Americans

The NSA Black Hole: 5 Basic Things We Still Don’t Know About the Agency’s Snooping

Fear-Mongering NSA Attempts to Justify Spying Before Congress

Our Government's Secrecy Has Caused Far More Deaths Than 9/11

A.C.L.U. Files Lawsuit Seeking to Stop the Collection of Domestic Phone Logs

Reimagining Independence

Edward Snowden — The Globalisation of Whistleblowing

The Terror Diaspora: The U.S. Military and the Unraveling of Africa

DHS Source Warns: “World War About to Break Out… Will Kill Millions of People”

A woman in the navy is pictured. | AP Photo
It's High Time We Abolished the Department of Homeland Security

America's Private Prison System is a National Disgrace

The Latest Outrageous Waste of Money for the Pentagon's Playthings

Shielding the whistleblowers

Pursuing Truth about Israel/Palestine

America’s Excessive Nuke Arsenal

8 Most Un-Christian Things the Christian Right Has Done Recently

Study: "Spiritual" People More Likely to Commit Crimes than Atheists

The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle

Leaders stand up for what is right

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