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Wednesday, June 5

@dustcirclenews - DOCUMENTARIES: Planet Earth, Space Photography, White Student Union, Cyber Wars Target Banks, Unwanted Babies, Scars of Solitude, House of Horror, Combat Outpost, Tortured Beauties, American Call-Girl, "Illegal" American Life, Unveiled and Lifted

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THRIVE – Planet Earth: Secret Reality Documentary 2012

This documentary questions everything from the beginning till the current day. The veil is lifted on what is going on in our world. Not only does this movie focus on things like pyramids and corn circles but also energy and economy. The question how important energy and especially new energy is, is asked. In the end the access to energy has enormous effects on human beings.  Also the crisis and global domination is addressed. What would happen if the global domination of resources would proceed at its current rate?


Space presents a fantastic mystery to human life. Unfathomably large, with characteristics that defy our experience and understanding, the stars have perplexed and amazed humanity for our entire recorded history, and likely before. In the present, astrophysicists and astronomers are aggressively studying the universe in an attempt to solve critical scientific and philosophical questions.


Matthew Heimbach insists he’s not a racist. This comes as a surprise to his fellow students at Towson University, in the suburbs of Baltimore, where Matthew has formed a group called the White Student Union that advocates for “persons of European heritage”—what most of us call “white people.”


Cyber crime is testing our security measures to the limit. And now there’s a new target: our banks. Nissim Bar-El, CEO of an international banking security agency discusses being at the forefront of a cyber war.


In this report, we follow a man who’s dedicated his life to saving South Korea’s unwanted babies. With hundreds of them being abandoned every year, why has the government ordered him to stop?


A short documentary with the idea that people will realise how damaging loneliness really is. We are in a village in Romania, a beautiful place, which at this moment is populated by only one soul. An old lady who refused to leave her home behind and go with the rest of the village.


As America comes to terms with the nightmare of Cleveland’s kidnapped girls, people across the country are demanding to know how three young women could be held captive in a suburb, undetected for a decade.


Western forces are losing ground to the Taliban. As US and UK forces struggle for a way forward in Afghanistan, this unique film shows one of the most dangerous outposts as it struggles to hold on.


Modern China is working hard to give itself a new image. And now a frightening new craze for Western-style beauty is driving a nationwide boom in dangerous and drastic cosmetic surgery procedures.

American Call-Girl

It’s an illegal workforce that’s an internet connection and a phone call away. The world’s oldest profession has moved online and indoors. We’re going behind the supply and demand of the escort industry.

This (Illegal) American Life

From a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, and from a kitchen table in East Los Angeles, from a flophouse in a coastal farming town, to a strip-mall in Phoenix, Arizona, these are snapshots of illegal immigration in America. It’s estimated that as many as 12 million people are living in United States illegally, but this story is about just two.

Unveiled and Lifted

Government and politics is something that we collectively should have transcended a long time ago, yet it still exists and it’s still part of the average individual’s life.

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