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Tuesday, April 16

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Bradley Manning Promotes More Peace Than Obama, Was Chavez Right About U.S. Meddling, U.S. Near Bottom for Child Well-Being, FBI Sued for Snooping, Separation of Church and State, United States of Inequality, Cut Veterans' Benefits? Economic war with China, IRS Tracking your Facebook? Orwellian Paradigm, Money for Militarism but Not for People, Climate Crisis Threatens Millions with Starvation, Peace over Plutocracy, Christian Right's Sneaky Ways, Godless Science Superior to Religion, Federal Rating Hits New Low, more.

The Video-related content I send out will have a link to the website so you can view the videos, instead of seeing just a list:
Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama

WikiLeaks: Was Chavez Right About U.S. Meddling?

U.S. Ranks at the Bottom of Child Well-Being

FBI Sued for Info on Supersnooping Program

Why We Want to Keep Church and State as Far Away from Each Other as Possible

Sen. Warren: Regulators Are Watching Out for Banks, Not the American Public

Army Judge Raises Burden in Private’s Trial on Leaks

Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality

Your Essential Guide To The Background Check Debate

Cut Social Security and Veterans' Benefits? Cut the Pentagon Instead

Will the Coming Economic War With China End the American Empire?

Is the IRS Tracking You on Facebook?

Look out Monsanto: The Global Food Movement Is Rising

The Orwellian Paradigm--Killing You, For Your Own Safety

Money for Militarism, not for People: Obama’s Betrayal of Social Security

Why do people pretend that religion isn’t responsible for creationism?

Disturbing Facts About State Lotteries: They Prey on the Poor and Trash the Economy, and Political Leaders Don't Care

Climate Crisis Threatens Millions With Starvation And Destitution

People and Peace Over Plutocracy

Americans Obsessed with North Korea, Overstate Threat

6 Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Foists Its Biblical Agenda on America

It's Time to Drop the Bomb! Boycott Christmas

Is Renewable Energy's Biggest Problem Solved?

Why police states love terrorism

Godless Science vs. Religion: Why & How Godless Science is Superior to Religion

FDA Lets Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market
State Governments Viewed Favorably as Federal Rating Hits New Low

The Economic And Social Crisis: Contemporary Capitalism And Class Struggle
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