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Thursday, March 21

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: $22 Minimum Wage, Iraq Debacle, Peace to Palestine, Dissent in Theory, NATO Cyber Warfare, Banking System, US Invasion a Crime, Warrantless GPS, Pentagon Drone Program, Israel a Racist State, Religion Destroying the World, Capitalism's Moral Blinders, 2.8 Billion People Face Water Shortage, more.

Elizabeth Warren: Fair Minimum Wage Would Be $22 An Hour

1 Million Civilians Dead, 37,000 American Soldiers Dead or Injured -- And We've Learned Nothing from Iraq Debacle

Obama won’t bring peace to Palestine

Dissent in Theory and Practice: Mass Democracy Works Against Dissent, Individuals

NATO Rules For Cyber Warfare Names Civilian Hacktivists “Legitimate Targets”

Why The Banking System Would Make Lenin Proud

The US Invasion of Iraq Was a Crime and Its Perpetrators Are Murderers

Obama administration believes no warrant is needed for authorities to use GPS tracking on vehicles

CIA Must Hand Over Drone Program to Pentagon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The laws that enshrine Israel as a racist state

10 Years Later And I'm Still Protesting War

'Simply Unacceptable': US Gets D+ for Infrastructure

Guerrilla research exposes sponsors of Israeli apartheid

Religion- Helping the World or Destroying It?

The people who need to wake up the most in the US

'Forever'? Palestinians Decry 'Endless' US Support of Israel

Combating US Capitalism's Moral Blinders

Some Extremely Effective Grassroots Protest Methods and Exactly Why They Work

10th Anniversary Of US Iraq Invasion: 2.7 Million Iraqi Deaths

2.8 Billion People Face Water Shortage

Sexual Violence Victims Say Military Justice System Is 'Broken'

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