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Monday, February 18

18.Feb.2013 - HEADLINES: Minimum Wage, Climate Change Ultimatum, Immigrant Rights, Drone Assassinations, Police State, Drone Test Sites, Mainstream media, Obama War Criminal, Student Loans, Inequality, more.

Why Was the Biggest Protest in World History Ignored?

POTUS Proposes an Increase in the Minimum Wage
U.S. President Barack Obama waves at the conclusion of his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington, 02/12/13. (photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
Obama Gives Congress a Climate Change Ultimatum

State of the Union 101: Nine Obama proposals that might create jobs

'Stop the Deportations': Protesters Call for Immigrant Rights at Senate Hearing

Nearly 50 Climate Activists Arrested Outside Obama's White House

Obama Defends Drone Assassinations In State Of The Union Address

Are We Living in a Police State?

Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail

How Conservatives Who Block Minimum Wage Hikes are Destroying the Economy

CISPA, the Privacy-Invading Cybersecurity Spying Bill, is Back in Congress

FAA to create 6 drone test sites in US

Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix?

'Let Us Not Be Deceived': Cornel West Names Obama as 'War Criminal'

Student Loan Programs in Crisis

When God Is Not Enough: Religious States Have Highest Rates of Anti-Depressant Use

Inequality and American democracy

Obama defends drone assassinations in State of the Union address

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