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Monday, December 10

10.Dec.2012 - Activists Occupy Starbucks, Israeli Settlement Project, Snooping Guidelines, Jimmy Carter Slams Drone Attacks, Roots of Zionism, Atheist Voters and American Politics, Black Box Recorders in Cars, American Worship of Empire, Nuclear Hypocrisy, Unrestrained Elite, Striking the Fast-Food Giants, Syrian WMDs Credible? more...

Activists Occupy Starbucks Cafes, Turning Them into Women's Shelters and Day Care Centers Across UK
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThe protests, which simultaneously focused on the American company's tax dodging and austerity cuts to women's and children's programs, saw activists turn cafes into women's shelters, day cares, homeless shelters and temporary libraries.

Add This Group To Obama's Winning Coalition: 'Religiously Unaffiliated'
They're the "nones" — that's the Pew Research Center's shorthand for the growing number of American voters who don't have a specific religious affiliation. Some are agnostic, some atheist, but more than half define themselves as either "religious" or "spiritual but not religious," Pew found in a recent survey.

Israel...Initiates Settlement Project That Would Render Two-State Solution Impossible
Furious international reaction greeted Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to build a "Doomsday" settlement on settlement plan.
Dragging Secretive Trade Talks Into the Light: Activists Expose Slow-Motion Corporate Coup
A highly secretive trade agreement aims to penalize countries that protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Luckily, the growing opposition goes beyond the usual trade justice suspects.

Why The GOP Is Holding Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage

Power-crazed Republicans have lost their minds.

Only A Populist Anti-Corruption Movement Can Repair American Democracy, Says Larry Lessig
AlterNet Radio speaks with the influential legal scholar.
Can people be hypnotically programmed to kill?
Experts say: "Yes"

What Does the NDAA Really Authorize?

A detainee stands at a fence inside the detention center in September 2010 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
n Tuesday, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a yearly military spending bill. Last year, the bill affirmed the U.S.'s authority to hold suspected terrorists indefinitely and without charges. The provision had generated plenty of controversy, particularly about whether U.S. citizens could be detained indefinitely. This year, the Senate bill says that citizens can't be detained in the U.S. - but concerns remain about the scope of detention powers.

We fight Zionism – Not Judaism.


Former US president slams drone attacks

WASHINGTON: Former US President Jimmy Carter has slammed American assassination drone strikes in other countries, saying that killing civilians in such attacks would in fact nurture terrorism.

Roots of the Zionist Genocide of Palestinians

How Atheist Voters Could Change American Politics Forever

Analysis of the exit polls from the last presidential election shows that these ‘nones’ played a key role in President Obama’s victory in November — and demographic data suggests their influence will only grow from here. This could have a major impact on American politics, and maybe even restore the separation that’s supposed to exist between church and state.

Obama Gives OK For Black Box Data Recorders to Be Installed in All Cars
The NHTSA says that by September 2014 all car and light trucks will be equipped with EDRs that will silently “record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop.”

The American Worship of Empire
The Republicans who subscribe to Christianity actually think that the man called the Prince of Peace would condone all that they stand for. Duh, like the worship of greed at the expense of 99.5% of us. Yet, when it comes to other foreign policy issues, both of those political parties think they own the cross and the memory of the Christ.

American Nuclear Hypocrisy

Western Powers Have Lost All Sense Of Morality

The Condition Of Human Rights At The International Setting

Climate Change and the Unrestrained Elite
File photo, site of the 2012 UN climate summit. (photo: Osama Faisal/AP)
umankind's greatest crisis coincides with the rise of an ideology that makes it impossible to address. By the late 1980s, when it became clear that manmade climate change endangered the living planet and its people, the world was in the grip of an extreme political doctrine, whose tenets forbid the kind of intervention required to arrest it.

Whistleblowers lead to $3.3 billion in US recovery

Justice Department rewards whistleblowers with $439 million in 2012

Low wages won't work
Wendy's employees rally outside their workplace during the November 29 day of actionPeter Rugh reports on a wave of organizing by low-wage workers in New York City.

Striking the fast-food giants
Peter Rugh reports from New York City on a day of walkouts at fast-food restaurants--another step in what organizers call the largest union drive in fast-food history.

Why the Bible doesn’t give Israel a claim to the West Bank

Having a passport stamped with the names Judea and Samaria reminds me of a trip my family made to Disneyworld, where I got a passport stamped Neverland.  That day I met Peter Pan and Wendy. Getting my passport stamped for the West Bank these days, I can hope to stand before the graves of Biblical characters in Samaria and Judea. 

How credible are reports of Syrian WMDs?

Doha deal extends Kyoto Protocol

Documentary targets family courts and custody evaluators

Antibiotics in chicken causing new infections

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