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Saturday, October 13

13.Oct.2012 - PART 2 - The Ryan/Biden Smackdown, Rabbis Sue Over Circumcision, U.S. Media Biased Against Arabs, Wall Street vs. Workers, Wal-Mart's Historic First Strike, No Room for the Poor, Reasons Not to Vote Republican, JPMorgan's Sleazy Debtor Tactics, Break Up the Wealth in 10 Steps, Ridiculous ACTA Provisions

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The Ryan/Biden Catholic smackdown in 20 tweets or less. OK, 21.
Our friends over at National Catholic Reporter started a Twitter campaign during the vice presidential debate on whether the first two Catholic candidates to face each other would get into their faith. Boy, did they. [Full Disclosure: Most of these tweets run to the left of center. Except ours.]

2012 vice-presidential debate: Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks in Danville, Ky., on Oct.11 (running transcript)

Rabbis Sue Over City’s Circumcision Regulations

The regulation, which is due to take effect on Oct. 21, would most impact mohelim in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community where the practice is most prevalent. It requires them to receive from parents signed written consent forms warning that the procedure “exposes the infant to risk of transmission of herpes simplex virus infection and other infectious diseases.”

Terry Jones In Toronto: Quran Burning Pastor Won't Take Part In Free Speech Debate

Terry Jones CanadaTORONTO - An anti-Muslim American pastor who earned an international reputation after burning copies of the Islamic holy text has been denied entry into Canada hours before he was to speak at a free speech rally in Toronto, organizers said Thursday.

US media biasWhy US media is biased against Arabs and Muslims

Jamal Kanj explains that lopsided US media coverage of the Arab and Muslim worlds is rooted not just in cultural biases and political motives, but in the fact that media reporters and editors themselves are sometimes part of the Israeli military establishment.

Wall Street vs. workers—the class gap widens

A study released Tuesday confirms that the financial parasites on Wall Street have lost nothing from the wrecking operation they have carried out on the US and world economy. The New York state comptroller reports that Wall Street firms will pay out more than $60 billion in compensation to their employees, a sum exceeded only in 2007 and 2008, the two years leading up to the financial crash that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

(illustration: Duncan Long)

The Discrediting of US Military Power

mericans lived in a "victory culture" for much of the twentieth century. You could say that we experienced an almost 75-year stretch of triumphalism - think of it as the real "American Century" - from World War I to the end of the Cold War, with time off for a destructive stalemate in Korea and a defeat in Vietnam too shocking to absorb or shake off.

Walmart's Historic First Strike

he great recession of 2008, this global economic meltdown, has wiped out the life savings of so many people, and created a looming threat of chronic unemployment for millions. This is happening while corporate coffers are brimming with historically high levels of cash on hand, in both the "too big to fail" banks and in non-financial corporations.

No Room for the Poor in This Election

In 90 minutes of debating, Rep. Paul Ryan failed to explain why the Romney-Ryan budget plan wouldn’t inflict hardship on the middle class and the working poor. Actually, poor people weren’t mentioned much, even by his foe, Vice President Joe Biden. This debate was about the middle class, that somewhat amorphous demographic at the center of the presidential campaign.

Five Practical Reasons Not To Vote Republican

There is no shortage of reasons not to vote Republican. The litany includes tax cuts for the rich, cutbacks in government programs, obstructing needed legislation, disregard for the environment, denial of women's and other human rights, military escalation.

Despite Republican Efforts To Stop It, Recovery Is Going Strong

The New York Times is reporting on the latest survey of the economy performed by Thomson Reuters in partnership with the University of Michigan. This study finds the consumer sentiment index at its highest point since September 2007. Earlier in this month came the unemployment numbers, which destroyed a popular Republican talking point. And to add a cherry to the top of this bad news, the Economic Cycle Research Institute reported accelerated economic growth for yet another week, further raining on the Republicans bad day.

Below the line: Poverty in America

Official figures say 46 million Americans live in poverty. Beyond that, there's little about poverty that Americans can agree on.

JPMorgan Chase's Debt Collection Agency's Sleazy Tactics to Squeeze Student Loans Debtors of Their Last Cash

First, the big banks create debt. Then they get paid to collect it.

10 Steps to Break Up the Wealth of the Super Rich

Here's what it's going to take to have a society where everybody prospers and get a fair shake, as this excerpt from Collins' book 99 to 1 explains.

But Of Course: Ridiculous ACTA Provisions Magically Appear In CETA

There were plenty of rumors (and leaks) earlier this year about how, even after European protests effectively killed ACTA in the EU, it was clear that some of the worst, most outrageous parts of ACTA had been written into CETA, a similar agreement between Canada and Europe. EU officials claimed they were removing the most controversial provisions -- but now it's been confirmed that the ridiculously misguided criminal sanctions... had magically found their way into CETA. Given the public's response to ACTA, EU Commission officials either think the public is stupid... or just not paying attention.

Dear Presidential Candidates, We're Not All Middle-Class
Iconic image of a women waiting for assistance after Katrina. (photo: Eric Gay/AP)ast Wednesday night the terms "middle-income" and "middle-class" were mentioned 34 times over the course of the first 90-minute so-called presidential "debate." The phrases rolled jauntily off the tongues of both candidates as they attempted to make impassioned appeals to what is often seen as the most important voting bloc.

John Negroponte: The Death Squad Ambassador
"The El Salvador Option"

John Rendon: The man who sold you Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraq War

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