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Sunday, September 30

30.Sept.2012: Monsanto Cancer Study, Army Suicides Still Up, Chicago Judge Throws Out #OWS Arrests, Counterproductive Drone Program Terrorizes, ALEX Still Everywhere, Romney Insulted Palestinians, How to Deal with Community Foreclosures, 5 School Lies Debunked, Plan a Revolution, Is Your Child Mentally Ill?

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The Humanist Hour #78:
Gloria Steinem, 2012 Humanist of the Year
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Controversy has erupted over new French scientific research claiming that genetically modified corn and the herbicide Roundup increases the chance of lab rats developing tumours and dying prematurely. (photo: Reuters)Study Linking Monsanto Corn to Cancer Must Be Taken Seriously by Regulators

The GM industry has traditionally reacted furiously and personally. Séralini has been widely insulted and smeared and last year, in some desperation, he sued Marc Fellous, president of the French Association of Plant Biotechnology, for defamation, and won (although he was only awarded a nominal €1 in damages).

While the Army Stands Down, Suicide Rates Are Still Up

They reported 25 potential suicides: 16 among active duty soldiers and nine in the reserve component. So far in 2012, the Army has reported 211 potential suicides among active duty and reserve members - 211 too many.

The judge cited that other events in Grant Park were allowed past the curfew. (photo:

Judge Throws Out Occupy Chicago Arrests

Cook County Associate Judge Thomas Donnelly said in his ruling that the city often chooses not to enforce the curfew for events it supports. The arrests last October came after hundreds of members of Occupy Chicago refused to take down tents and leave Grant Park when it closed at 11 p.m.

Report: "Counterproductive" US Drone Program "Terrorizes" Pakistan

Joint study by Stanford and NYU law schools casts doubt on the legality of drone strikes; Says secretive program fosters anti-American sentiment

Iran: Attack Could Trigger World War III

With tensions high, US leads massive military minesweeping exercise in Persian Gulf

Hackers, Possibly From Middle East, Block U.S. Banks’ Websites
The financial and banking industries are on high alert tonight as a massive cyberattack continues, with potentially millions of customers of Bank of America, PNC and Wells Fargo finding themselves blocked from banking online.

Bill Moyers: ALEC ‘is still everywhere’

Bill Moyers screenshot 092812The influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has not diminished despite recent corporate defections, Bill Moyers said Friday, or attempts to curb it with legislation like the ALEC Accountability Act.

Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians

Some pundits are excusing Mitt Romney’s comment about why Palestinians are so much poorer than Israelis as a slip of the tongue caused by a shortage of staff on his overseas trip, but the Republican presidential candidate makes the same point in his book, No Apology, which he claims to have written himself.

No One At Home: How To Deal With Foreclosures In Your Community

To prevent homes from going into foreclosure, try to help neighbors in need.

5 Biggest Lies About America's Public Schools -- Debunked

Here's the truth behind 5 of the most destructive myths about public education.

Why You Are Way More Stressed Than Your Boss

It turns out your level of stress correlates with your level of leadership responsibility -- and whether you feel in control of your life.

What's the Least Religious Place in the World and What's Its Secret?

A survey taken in this country could not find a single religious person under 28.

The Price of US Interventionism

he attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four U.S. diplomats, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, is the latest example of tragic blowback from the U.S. government’s interventionist foreign policy in the Islamic world. That it happened on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an even more severe example of such blowback, is a cruel irony.

How Can You Plan a Revolution when Big Brother is Watching?

It's increasingly looking like the United States is one generation away from completely forgetting what privacy means. And the consequences of this Great Forgetting will be tragic for our nation. Why?  Because without privacy - without the ability to be anonymous - America can't even plan a peaceful revolution or non-violent progressive social change movements - because if big corporations or Big Brother are watching, watching, they can block efforts before they even become public.

AIPAC De-Fanged? Israel is not Calling the Shots in this US Election

American Jews have historically supported the Democratic Party by wide margins, and despite Netanyahu's threats and bluster, and President Obama's smack-down -- a refusal of Netanyahu's request for a meeting during his trip to the US --that support has barely budged. In fact, a number of leading Jewish Democrats, including powerful Congressmen Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), publicly told the Israeli leader to back off and stay out of US politics. 

Is the CIA Everywhere? Maybe Your Paranoia is Justified

Since 9/11 we've seen increased electronic eavesdropping, "data mining," intrusive airport security, The Patriot Act,  the Department of Homeland Security, Guantanamo, "free speech" zones, militarization of police, domestic and foreign drones,the NDAA, government crackdowns on whistleblowers and so on.

Is Your Child Mentally Ill? Yes, According to Big Pharma Funded Doctors

Big Pharma has spent millions on public relations campaigns that tell parents, teachers and clinicians to dose children at the first sign of problems. It knows if parents treat their kids early they will never know if the kids needed the druga in the first place and whether residual problems are "mental illness" or drug side effects. The kids will also probably be life long customers because parents will be afraid to take them off the drugs. No wonder Pharma tells parents not to wait for "excessive energy" or "mood swings" to go away in the awareness campaigns. Ka-ching.  

Education: Important for America

We hear all the time how important education is to this country.   We need to heed the call for our citizens, states, counties, school districts, and federal government to push this issue up the agenda to second behind getting a vibrant economy, but barely second. I love the outcries for action coming from all quarters.

Vote Counting Company Tied to Romney

everal Tanker trucks full of political ink have been spilled on Mitt Romney's tenure as a vulture capitalist at Bain Capital. A more important story, however, is the fact that Bain alumni, now raising big money as Romney bundlers are also in the electronic voting machine business. This appears to be a repeat of the the infamous former CEO of Diebold Wally O’Dell, who raised money for Bush while his company supplied voting machines and election management software in the 2004 election.

Kofi Annan Says Tony Blair Could Ultimately Have Stopped Iraq War

ony Blair could have stopped the Iraq war had he decided to walk away from a partnership with the US, the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan has claimed. 
In an interview to launch his memoirs, Annan said he had reflected on what would have happened if, without a second UN resolution over Iraq, Blair had refused to go to war with Iraq in 2003.

From Pepsico To Wal-mart: Selling A Fake Dream
Yes, there is a need to improve rural infrastructure, provide a sophisticated supply chain, and provide better income to farmers.

Mayor Attempts to Live on Food Stamps

Next they're coming for the children
Re-writing child protection laws

The NFL, The Mafia and Fixed Games
Dan Moldea Interview (1989)

Judges to Review Constitutionality of NDAA Military Detention Legislation



Ask Whole Foods to Respect Consumers' Right to Know About GMOs

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