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Thursday, August 23

23-Aug.2012 - Occupy, Protest Songs, Wall Street, 2012 Presidential Election, Julian Assange, Women's Rights, Tampa, Privacy, AT&T

Unquiet Riot

The trial of three members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot and their subsequent sentencing to two years in prison for performing a song calling for the ouster of Russian leader Vladimir Putin at an impromptu flash concert in Moscow’s largest Orthodox cathedral has garnered a tremendous amount of attention all over the world. Popular music luminaries ranging from Paul McCartney to Bj√∂rk toMadonna have publicly spoken out in support of the group, though Norman LeBrecht has pointed out that the classical music community has pretty much remained silent on this topic. 

Protest songs are pointless

Pussy Riot and Paul Ryan prove that lyrics don't matter -- and that protest music can't win

The Fascinating Differences Between The Conservative and Liberal Personality

Evidence suggests that differences between liberals and conservatives begin to emerge at an early age.

Meet the Washington Sugar Daddies Who Keep Wall St. Flush with Cash

The finance, insurance, and real estate industries spend approximately $1,331 a minute on influencing our leaders. See how the worst of the worst stack up.

How an L.A. Times Religion Reporter Lost His Faith

After 8 years covering the God beat, William Lobdell's faith was in tatters and he left both it and his job behind him.

Amateur botches 'restoration' of Christ painting
The elderly woman acted without authorization from anyone, according to the Centre for Borjanos, which had already received a donation from the granddaughter of the artist Elias Garcia Martinez to professionally restore it.

We'll make a killing out of food crisis, trading boss boasts

Drought is good for business, says Glencore chief

RT's 'Occupy' coverage nominated for Emmy news award

RT has been nominated for the International Emmy Award in the news category for its coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York last year. RT was one the first channels to thoroughly report about OWS.

Occupying the GOP’s Tampa Convention

The Occupy Wall Street movement born last year in a New York City park has made its way to Voice of Freedom park in Tampa Bay, just in time for the GOP convention.

A List of Food Companies That Hide GMOs

nknown to most Americans, many US food companies, which manage to keep their GMO ingredients under wraps, are joining forces to beat back Proposition 37, a bill which will require simple labels on food identifying genetically engineered products and ingredients. The ballot initiative from Right to Know will be presented to voters in California's November election.

Don't Lose Sight of Why the US Is Out to Get Julian Assange

To get a grip on what is actually going on, rewind to WikiLeaks' explosive release of secret US military reports and hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables two years ago. They disgorged devastating evidence of US war crimes and collusion with death squads in Iraq on an industrial scale, the machinations and lies of America's wars and allies, its illegal US spying on UN officials - as well as a compendium of official corruption and deceit across the world.

Who Needs the Protection of a “Personhood” Amendment? Women

The most important and glaring example is the 2012 GOP platform. The platform committee approved it in Tampa yesterday, on the heels of Akin’s moronic, but not exceptionally moronic, assertions.

The GOP's Platform Heels

Occupy Video

A pretty good video compilation related to the Occupy Handbook, featuring some people you may know:

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