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Monday, June 25

TPP -- America Going (Gone?) 100% Fascist

Obama - Deliverer of the New World Order by Occupy Los Angeles

When George H.W. Bush, an oilman who was so bad as President he only served one term, talked of a New World Order" what did he mean? A new era, when oil companies did not have to deal with pesky EPA laws and rules? When the US could attack two countries at once with drones and an all-volunteer army? When the US Constitution was entirely suspended, and corporate rights would always trump individual rights? 

Huffington Post Article titled, "Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises" was posted June 13 and updated June 14, 2012. A few articles, blogs and discussion thread groups are criticizing Obama for closed door negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which gives both US Citizens rights and US Law (all branches of all US courts) over to jurisdiction of corporate tribunals. The corporate Tribunals consist of three lawyers.

The full, leaked TPP document is here: 

There are two things that most or all of the blogs and articles describing the TPP and Obama don't seem to mention: 1) That Obama, himself is a lawyer, and 2) That Obama is a cool as a cucumber lawyer. Not only is Obama a lawyer, he is a former US Constitutional Scholar. Who would know best, how to thwart, unwind, disassemble and circumvent the US Constitution but a Constitutional Scholar? Obama can quite literally order the deaths of an entire family right before going to wolf down a cheeseburger, no loss of appetite, and no guilt. 

Taking the rights of an entire class of people in America is even easier to him. This is a man fascinated by Royals, by the upper crust of the world. He no more gives a damn for the eaters of America or anywhere else, they are just eaters, ants using up resources. He does not let this slip when campaigning, but it is how he has governed, how he will always govern. Obama plans on being powerful and in the loop of the rich and powerful his entire lifetime. Reps. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT), Rep. Donna Edwards(D- MD), Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) might defy Obama briefly" ultimately they will be squashed like bugs" there's $20.5 trillion dollars per year in play with TPP.

The Tribunal of three lawyers mentioned in the TPP" Obama is going to be out of work in the next 1-5 years, he's planning ahead, planning to be one of the three lawyers on the Tribunal that replaces the US Courts and US Law, citizens rights replaced by three cool as cucumber lawyers. Obama, the cool as a cucumber lawyer, seems to have ice in his veins and ice in his heart every time he orders an entire family wiped off of the map by a drone strike. The man never gets angry, grins like a Cheshire Cat after wiping out an entire family by sucking the air out of their lungs with a hellfire-missile drone-strike.

Under current US law, if you take a bad heart drug and suffer physical damage, you can sue the drug company. Under the TPP, if you filed a lawsuit, a Tribunal of three lawyers, possibly Obama himself being one of the three attorneys, would find that you had interfered with free trade with your frivolous lawsuit. You'd have no recourse in the US Courts; the Tribunal would order you to pay the drug company damages after their bad drug injured you.

When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA on December 8, 1993, he signed away the rights of numerous small businesses and corporation to compete on a level playing field. American truckers must follow strict laws governing everything from the status of the brake system on their trucks to how many hours they drive before they have a set number of hours of sleep or rest. Mexican truck drivers coming into the US delivering Mexican goods are not subject to the same rules, the same standards because their Mexicans driving on US roads under NAFTA. Anyone they have a traffic accident with has fewer rights than they would think suing the Mexican trucking company, because they are dealing with both US and Mexican courts. The rights of the consumer were not the intent of NAFTA; profits for companies like Wal-Mart were the intent of NAFTA. The jobs created under NAFTA were and are largely Wal-Mart-type-pseudo-jobs.

TPP goes way further than NAFTA. Under TPP, hypothetically a Chinese Trucking company comes into the US, does not follow DOT rules, does not have safety inspections or rest periods for the driver. The Chinese driver replaces two union drivers, and pulls 14-15 hour shifts daily. The over-worked underpaid truck driver falls asleep, kills your family and you survive with no legs. You file suit via US and Chinese courts. The three-lawyer Tribunal fines you $500,000 for filing a nuisance suit against the Chinese trucking company. 

Meanwhile, companies like Wal-Mart fire all their drivers and contract-out truck driving to a TPP Chinese-owned company with drivers who earn half the pay of current Wal-Mart truck drivers. The TPP is designed to make even more of a slave-class out of the dwindling middle class. The TPP is designed to go way, way past Tort Reform and make victims out of victims. If a TPP member-country corporation harms, injures or kills you or a family member, your legal recourse is an unsympathetic, corporate-controlled three-lawyer tribunal.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is not just more NAFTA" Ice-cold-heart lawyer Obama and corporate lawyers from around the globe drafted it behind closed doors. Not only was it drafted in secret, but only two of its 26 chapters have been leaked, there are another 24 chapters of TPP that are still being negotiated behind locked doors by Obama and the corporate lawyers from the member countries.  Right now, the U.S., Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam are all participating in the talks and expected to sign the treaty. Mexico, Canada and China are all interested and will probably end up as signatories as well. This will mean more US jobs going to Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Canada and China.

The lawyers themselves are setting themselves and their families to be a ruling class, to have a serf class serving them goods and services, serving them cash flow. TPP is 658 million people spending much of their shrinking net worth, that's worth a staggering $20.5 trillion annually" The corporations and their lawyers, including their Lawyer Tribunal, rake in $20.5 trillion annually. They will spend a mere pittance of the $20.5 trillion annual on buying Senators, Congressman and Presidents, who are no longer powerful people, they are merely corporate pawns.

George Bush screwed the American public setting up the banks and energy companies and the defense contractors to rape the American economy. Obama is simply setting up the world's large multinational companies to decimate the last of the US Constitution that the Patriot Act and NDAA had not already decimated. Ultimately, he'll be like George Bush" In the future, there will be a long line of male and female Presidents with Bush and Obama last names.

Even though Americans are accustomed to voting box electronic machines and thinking of us as a democracy because we vote, both Bush and Obama have set themselves and their families up to be a long line of Kings and Queens, who rule over their serfs.

People judge Presidents in the US by their smiles, their jokes, by the price of gas and by how stable their job is. But if you look solely at their records, the laws they favored and signed" If you look at what the Congresses did under each President, from about 1979 until today, they drove nails into the coffin of democracy and promoted fascism. Fascism itself is when an individual or a group owns the government. Megalithic multinational corporations own the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court, all three branches of government. 

Bush, Gore, Romney or Obama" no matter how you cast your vote, you are electing a corporate-sponsored minion, who will make you yourself more of a micro-minuscule-minion. Romney or Obama, either way you are just exchanging one deck chair for another deck chair on the good ship Titanic. Isn't that what our democracy has become, from the late 1970's until today, the US Titanic, a leaking, broken wide open democracy that Occupy protests cannot even begin to bail out? Our own police forces themselves are like panicked passengers, their urges to keep law and order reminiscent of a panicked person in the water climbing up high on your back so you both drown together. Law and order, profits for the Kings and Queens, no justice, no true democracy" just paperless ballots run by unintelligible computer algorithms.

Some of the biggest nails in the coffin of democracy were/are NAFTA, the Patriot Act, National Defense Act of America and Trans-Pacific Partnership. All of these had bankers, drug companies, oil companies, insurers of all kinds, and defense contractor's hands in them. None of these benevolent or harmless sounding laws was in the public interest. In each case, the public was flat out lied to, particularly by the 6 large TV stations. TPP fascism will be signed into law, the two-three Senators and Congressman who make a stink about TPP will be redistricted so that they lose the next election cycle. Americans themselves, mostly, will vote and console themselves that their new seat on the US Titanic is comfy, that they made a good choice.

Trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP, couple with the Patriot Act and the National Defense Act of America (NDAA) are treasonous. These laws are the selling out of the American people, the selling out of the US Constitution to a group of lawyers and corporations. Those committing the treason justify their actions with lies and lawyer gobbledy-gook. Their denial of their treason does not make it less treacherous, less abominable. Covering it up with lies in the news media does not mean they did not sell out a democracy and turn the old democracy of America into their dystopian vision of fascism. America has pretty well been reduced to a fascist state by NDAA" TPP just drags America further down that fascist dark hole. All the flag-waving and nationalist rhetoric in the world does not a democracy make.

The fact that both Romney and Obama are anxious to sign the TPP agreement means that both Obama and Romney are the captains of the Titanic, willing to peg the throttle wide open. Regardless of their rank or their intentions, the country is about to strike an iceberg and sink. American Democracy, true working democracy, is down to a couple of blogs on the Internet. A couple of blogs, a couple of web sites are trying to warn the whole country about impending disaster. The rest of the country is watching CNN and Fox News, and will never even hear about TPP, even after its signed into law. 

The US Constitution is an obstacle to the wealth interests of the global elite. Obama and the Royals he so worships need the entire, pesky old Constitution out of the way of their business plans. The Bush's, Obama's, Romney's of this world are setting up their New World Order, and it does not include any rights whatsoever of the individual. Obama is a DINO, a Democrat In Name Only. George H.W. Bush during a speech once glowingly said I see a thousand points of light for the homeless man. Homeless men want a meal, some new shoes, to see a doctor and to have a roof over their head again. 

Each President, all the way from Ronald Reagan up to Obama, has worked to create a New World Order where the order is more homeless, more medically uninsured, and more hunger" all the while with the largest corporations raking in record profits, obscene amounts of vast fortune. Obama's secretive TPP agreement bodes much more evil coming to the common man. The ranks of the homeless are about to swell even bigger.

Obama's glowing gushing speeches are as hollow and empty as George Bush Sr.'s thousand points of light for homeless people. Ultimately, America will have fewer jobs and more hungry, with the disappearing cash going to foreign multi-national corporations. People will be feeding themselves with credit cards, temporarily. TPP may even, probably will usher in the return of debtor prisons. 

Nobody outside of the TPP insiders has read all of the TPP chapters; there may possibly be provisions that do away with minimum wage, certainly livable wages" TPP may also do away with child labor laws, 8 hour days, etc. If these are deemed an interference to free trade with member nations, it will be up to a three-lawyer tribunal how our old laws get interpreted. 

The fact that most of the pages are still a closely guarded secret tells you this is going to hurt the public very badly. Many people debate the New World Order, debate whether or not there is a conspracy, taking sides, yeah or nay. Both sides of these debators miss the entire point: the New World Order is ultimate greed, ultimate betrayal, ultimate self-centered self-importance. The players in the New World Order give new, deep meaning to terms like bullying, sociopsychopath and narcissist. Society has yet to invent a word for the players, the so-called leaders who have enslaved all of us. Lawyers are subordinating basically all of our rights to business, to corporatocracy. 

Technologist and Horticulturist by trade. Very alarmed at the erosion of civil rights and the national need for unending warfare. Love America but despise our current corporate-owned government.

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