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Monday, January 16

CNN: Law Enforcement Is Intimidated By Anonymous


I don't claim to have any real understanding of who or what Anonymous is.

On the surface, Anonymous and I share a good deal of concerns, the corruption and greed of corporations, the corruption and abuses of government, freedom of speech, free access to information and ideas, and a more than a few other concerns as well.

However, for a group that rails against corporations and governments for not being more open and transparent, they themselves are rather shadowy and 'anonymous'. When a person in a mask claims to be my ally, I have generally have my doubts.

Conversely, I do understand that when the people you are railing against have the power to arrest and detain you indefinitely without charges, maybe it is best to maintain some sort 'anonymity'. In this light, being a little shadowy doesn't necessarily imply anything sinister at all.

I wish I knew, but I really have no idea who or what Anonymous is, but I'll keep watching...

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