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Tuesday, August 10

An Ex JW on Religion and Atheism

Why Religion Saddens Me
From: VanCoffeeChick | July 13, 2008

I clearly remember my days as a bible-thumping Jehovah's Witness; looking forward to the End of the World with ill-concealed glee. Of course there was always underlying trepidation which came from hoping that I'd done enough to be found worthy of God's salvation. But in spite of that, the end of the world was something that was vividly imaginable. Illustrations in the Watchtower literature depicted violent scenes of God's wrath dealt upon on wicked mankind, usually with a small group of happy, smiling people (Jehovah's Witnesses) simply walking away from it all. As a young, impressionable woman I could picture myself as one of those people. Someone who had been delivered from all of the world's suffering and pain, and about to embark on a historic journey to a paradise earth, just like God originally intended..." 

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